About Us

Introduction of Brand

Hobak F&C (the "Hobak Family") is a successful Korean restaurant group that operates 12 direct retail restaurants and manages six franchises under six different brands in South Korea. The Hobak Family is known for quality food, great services and ambiance. It caters to a younger demographic, and it is well known for their high quality food and inviting and exciting atmosphere. The Hobak Family recorded $25 million in sales since 2015 while continuing to expand.

Korean 80's Old Style Design

The Hobak is based on 80's old style street in Korea, which everybody can feel nostalgia of their childhood. The meat display is representing old fashion of Korean style of butcher shop to let customer watch how meat is prepared. First ideal of Hobak Korean BBQ was remodeled from a warehouse.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer our customers an authentic Korean BBQ experience like no other. Sourcing only top quality meat and ingredients, our customers' satisfaction is our top priority.